Wildlife Photo Competition 6 2016 : Entry Number 41

Judges Comment

These japanese macaques have become famous for their winter bathing habits and we all have seen many striking snowy photos of them wallowing in the water, but this portrait is different. The hammam like misty atmosphere sets a wonderful scene for a portrait and what a pose he gave you too! Lovely soft tones frame that hard look, the red face and yellow eyes so intense. Beautiful shot, well done.

Photographers Comment

Thank you for choosing this picture! This is a wild snow monkey partially hided by steam. He is bathing in hot spring during the first snowy day of this winter in Jigokudani Onsen Korakuka, Japan - Shot with D800, 70-200 VRII - 185mm, ISO 200, 1/500s, F/4,5 - Soft : Nikon Capture and Lightroom for IPTC only