Flower Photo Competition 4 2016 : Entry Number 294

Judges Comment

This photo reminds the judge of this flower competition a bit of a model world. It all seems smaller than reality. But is it really, or does the filter which might have been used change realities? Also the Shell sign seem from a different time. This is a lovely capture which makes the observer dive into this “other-worldly” reality.

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much, I am delighted with the result and the judges’ comments. Their words reflect exactly what I had in mind when I took the photo and how images can alter our perception of reality. It was taken however in a « real » model village located in Skegness, the north shore of England. Although miniature effects are often achieved post-process which I tend to rely on occasionally, this shot was produced through the lens only with no after action or filter. A Leica camera (that helps ☺) coupled with a 35 mm and a shallow depth of field.