Flower Photo Competition 4 2016 : Entry Number 170

Judges Comment

This photograph is unique and brilliant. Many layers and dimensions to it. In the background we can see part of a flower which is out of focus, a spider web crisp and sharp in the foreground. Many little flowers can be seen in each of the water drops.

Photographers Comment

Hello everyone! My name is Alva Steury Jr,and I live in Dekalb County Indiana. Thankyou I-Shot-It for the Mark of Excellence,it is a great honor! I took this photo on a beautiful foggy morning a week or so ago. By holding the flower (which was a Black-eyed Susan) behind the spider web,I was able to get this wonderful photo. It was a little challenging because the breeze kept making the wed move! I took this photo with a Canon EOS Rebel t5, and a Canon 100mm Macro lens. I used a homemade flash diffuser to help soften the light. Thanks again I-Shot-It!