Landscape Photo Competition 2016 No 1 : Entry Number 202

Judges Comment

For your bold though very peaceful composition, its depth, shapes and contradicting lines. For your beautifully soft tones and gentle colour palette, for the mystery you have captured in the distant Black Cuillin hills which fade away in the rain. Detail is everywhere, your long exposure, filtering and focus are perfect. The sea is made soft and flattened by the passing of time, the rock and its barnicles given their hard presence by the calm of the sea. You have taken your camera settings beyond the basics, you have bent them in your favour thus mastering this peaceful, spellbinding atmosphere. I have come back to admire this shot over and over, it looks so simple, but this is great landscape photography. Congratulations, you win this round !

Photographers Comment

My name is Frédéric Perrin, I live and work in Paris, France. I must admit I've fallen in love with Scotland and the Scottish islands! This was a rainy afternoon and the perfect autumn mood on the Isle of Skye. Feeling the light rain, smelling the sea air. I have a very precise memory of this beautiful moment, contemplating the transparency of this fabulous landscape. “Transparency” is the title I would give to my picture. I used the Zeiss 25mm wide angle lens at f/22 on my Nikon D800 and a ND Grad filter. Exposure time is 6s. Very light post processing in Lightroom (white balance and contrast). Thank you so much for the selection!