Bird Photo Competition 4 2015 : Entry Number 105

Judges Comment

Large bird formations filling a twilight sky are one of nature's most evocative spectacles, but are difficult to capture photographically. Placing a black foreground at the foot of the frame keeps the sense of place and scale, while the silhouetted tree provides a critical focal point. Anyone struggling to understand the power of photographic composition could learn by simply covering up the tree, then the ground and then the birds in this image to see how the elements work together.

Photographers Comment

I am pleased with first place, and thank you for choosing my photo! The small village of Linum in Brandenburg - Germany is a resting area for approximately 100,000 cranes and almost as many greylag geese. The birds almost simultaneously leave their feeding grounds in the maize fields in the evening to look for a place to sleep in the marshes. Here the cranes can be seen returning during the blue hour. The photo was taken with a Nikon D600 and Nikkor 105mm F2.8. The result is this photo in October 2015 Martin Siering. Text in German: Das kleine Dorf Linum in Brandenburg – Deutschland, ist ein Rastgebiet für ca. 100.000 Kraniche und fast ebenso vielen Graugänsen, die am Abend fast gleichzeitig ihre Futterplätze auf den Maisfeldern verlassen um sich einen Schlafplatz in der Teichlandschaft zu suchen. Hier ist die Rückkehr der Kraniche zur späten blauen Stunde zu sehen!