Flower Photo Competition 4 2015 : Entry Number 166

Judges Comment

Looking at this black and white image, gives me an impression of being able to smell these flowers. It seems that they were laid out on newspaper to dry them. Will they be used for tea? As you can see, this photo engages my brain and so many different thoughts and memories are being released.

Photographers Comment

Hello! My name is Vladimir, I'm an amateur photographer from Russia. The photo is of Calendula I gathered in our garden. It has many uses, but our family primarily uses it as a tea or for gargling to soothe a sore throat. As I was laying the flowers out, the thought struck me that it might make an interesting photo so I went to grab my RX100. After I returned I took around 50 shots at different angles and focal lengths. This one is my favorite and was made at 28mm eq, f/1.8, 1/40 sec, ISO 1600. Processed first with VSCO preset in Lightroom and then some more in Photoshop. I'm very happy to get a Mark of Excellence, thank you, Birgit!