Flower Photo Competition 4 2015 : Entry Number 18

Judges Comment

Last but not least - this is another wonderful image. Shades of blue and purple, as it strives up to the sky. This flower is past its glorious days, which makes it even more interesting for the observer to look at. All the empty space around this flower, and having it off centred sitting in the format gives the “wow factor”.

Photographers Comment

This was the first flower to appear on our new passion flower plant. I was so excited I took lots of photos from different angles. I don't normally think enough about the background, but when I saw the cloud I thought it would add more contrast to the stigma (top bit). Sadly these flowers only last for one or two days before they wither. The photo was taken with a Sony a6000 and a 50mm lens with the aperture set to f2.5.