Flower Photo Competition 2 2015 : Entry Number 271

Judges Comment

Rich and dark shades of purple and black make this photo outstanding. The flower is abstract and does not have a lot of juice left in its petals. Truly amazing and wonderful.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for this honor!! My name is Nicki Lautemann and I live in Colorado, USA. I took this photo on my back porch in the fall of 2013. I loved the colors of this flower throughout its whole life and when its time came, I thought the curling petals were so awesome. That top right one reminds me of shaved chocolate....mmmmmm. :) I used my Nikon d3100 with an old 50mm in reverse. That particular lens is stuck open at 5.6 and I used the on camera flash at 1/32 power. (shutter at 1/200 and ISO of 100) Thank you again. I'm so grateful!