Black-And-White Photo Competition 1 2015 : Entry Number 479

Judges Comment

A classic reportage portrait that we really felt had something to say. The position of the boy and the look into what we expect is where he lives is great work.

Photographers Comment

The photo made by Matthias Schömer was shot in South Africa, Cape Town. The story: "When we walked into this area in Cape Town a member of our group stopped in the middle of the street. Without thinking about what could happen or what could be the meaning of his doing he checked his money in his pocket. I saw this action and I decided to walk away from our group. Suddenly many kids were running towards him and surrounded him. They were begging for the money. But then I recognized this boy standing apart from the other children and he was just watching the happening. And without any attention the boy let me shoot this picture." For this picture the photographer used a Leica M8 with Leica Summicron 1:2/35mm. The digital processing was made in Lightroom combined with NIK SilverFX. Normally the photographer uses analog medium and his Leica M7. That's the way he loves the photography and the way how to tell stories from different cultures and countries.