Food Photo Competition 2014 No 4 : Entry Number 63

Judges Comment

A striking spacious composition, beautifully placed focus, soft natural light and wonderful warm colours. But what really makes this a pleasure to look at is the perfect focus. I don’t mean the sharpness of the focus (which is perfect also), but its placement, the depth of field. It is so important to hold the viewer’s eye within a composition and there are a variety of ways to do that. Shapes and form within a composition for example, or a strong anchor point. We often hear of lead lines which can draw in the eye and hold attention whilst making an interesting composition but less so of the importance of depth of field and the strength that good focus can bring to a photograph. Here is a beautiful example of that. Your eye is held by that focus on the most interesting part of the picture, one apple, its stalk and the two leaves. All the rest is there in the blurry background, complimenting that apple and making up the atmosphere. Apart from that fine technical side you have placed your apples and leaves quite beautifully making this so comfortable to admire. Just stunning. Congratulations.