Child Photo Competition 2014 No 4 : Entry Number 280

Judges Comment

A photo that tells a story! Nice contrasts and focused on the essential! Well done!

Photographers Comment

Thank you for recognizing the merits of this image. This was spontaneous scene in a children's tumbling class, led by a wonderful African American teacher who readily gained their attention and trust. Hence, the wonderful contrast of the hands. Had to be titled, "Trust." Perhaps hope. She is helping them to step up onto a balance beam about a foot off the floor for the first time. There's a line of excited children right behind her in the full photograph. But how could I resist the light falling just right on those hands and just enough of her face showing to complete the image. Leica M Monochrom with 50mm Lux lens, both of which made it possible to crop and still keep this level of resolution and tones. I suppose I'm a semi-advanced, enthusiast photographer living in Maryland, hoping to stumble into more opportunities like this one.