Black-And-White Photo Competition 3 2014 : Entry Number 505

Judges Comment

This is a lovely surreal image with a personality we know, in a city we recognize. But the setting is interesting, like a movie played on rewind. The familiar feeling coupled with the very unfamiliar reality makes us interested and make us look again.

Photographers Comment

First of all I would like to congratulate with the winner Benno Riffel. It's a great, emotional image. Thanks to the Judges for selected my photo as Mark of Excellence. I'm very proud you chose me. My Name is Mattia Zaldini and I'm Italian photographer. It was Monday morning and the city was waking up faster. I was attracted by the spirit of NY and by the Man that was running. I framed to have one of the most seeing symbol in NY and I played with shadows and lights. The photo was made in NYC during a summer trip using a Leica M 240 and Summilux 35