Black-And-White Photo Competition 2 2014 : Entry Number 775

Judges Comment

A thinking man and a wedding cake shot through a window. Now, that is a story we may never know. Did they cancel, did he stop believing in romance, did he run out of ingredients or is he just thinking how to make the rest of it? We find this image has great technical qualities, a daring composition and unusual storytelling to it. It draws our interest, and we found the interest and admiration for this image just grew each time we returned to look at it. Hence, this is the winner of the I SHOT IT Black & White Competition. Congratulations!

Photographers Comment

First of all I would like to thank all the people behind "I shot it". Organization team, judges, and obviously all photographers that uploaded their awesome photos. I saw stunning images from everyone. Great compositions, great messages and great techniques. A special thanks to the judges for having selected this photo and for a having perfect reading the real story behind this image. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was walking down a narrow street. On my left I saw this scene and...."I shot it". What the man was thinking? I don't know but he seemed to be sad and very worried. It was a Saturday....and the day after there would have taken place a wedding... The photo was taken in Tuscany, with canon 5dmk3 I used silver efex pro for bw conversion. Mattia Zaldini - Verona - Italy