Bird Photo Competition 4 2013 : Entry Number 405

Judges Comment

A superbly-captured behavioral shot as the gull attempts to rob the tern of its hard-earned fish.

Photographers Comment

Many thanks for the Mark of excellence. I am a passionate Wildlife and bird photographer (part-time) and a Physical therapist (full-time), living in South Africa. I was attending a National photography conference in St Lucia, Kwazulu Natal last week and went out early one morning to the estuary to photograph birds before the lectures of the day started. I was so fortunate to capture the Tern and Gull action. I use a Canon 1D Mark 1V camera with a fixed 400mm lens, ISO 640 , 1/2000s. The birds were a fair distance away so i crept through the mud to get close enough to capture the action without disturbing the Terns.