Bird Photo Competition 4 2013 : Entry Number 364

Judges Comment

A couple of seconds earlier, this sunlit Green Heron perched on a fence would have made for a pleasant-but-ordinary photograph. By taking the shot as the bird lurched forward into an unstable horizontal pose, a compelling sense of tension is created. This is further emphasized by the choice of an 'ultra-widescreen' crop. The next time you take a good photo, think about how close you might have been to taking a great photo!

Photographers Comment

Many thanks to Mr. Mike Atkinson for such a thoughtful comment and an extraordinary tip for all of us. I am blessed with my first ever win in a judged competition. Thanks a lot to Mr. Mike Atkinson and I-SHOT-IT team for bestowing me with such a memorable win. My name is Prathap. I made this photograph after more than an hours' wait. As always, patience and perseverance paid off as Green heron became more tolerant towards me. I placed my Nikon D7100 + Nikkor 300mm f2.8 lens on the fence to get an eye-level shot and waited for few minutes until it posed me with this elegant pose. I am grateful to Green Heron and God for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Please visit my blog: