Sports Photo Competition 2013 No 2 : Entry Number 110

Judges Comment

Great sports image, fantastic timing, lighting and freezing of movement. A well deserved winner, I would fully expect to see an image like this on the cover of a magazine, excellent work.

Photographers Comment

First of all thanks so much for this award made me feel I'm not alone walking on my picture shooting road, I found some picture is very good but this time I’m luckily to become a winner, will keep try show my picture to the world in here. Picture was taken in the show: The House of Dancing Water’, I use D7000, 85mm set to 1.4/f ISO 1600. My name is Fish, my Flick page will showing at bottom, all picture is open to sell base on 100% charity donation directly pay to BC Children’s Hospital hope to share all my lucky and happy to somebody they need.[email protected]/