Sports Photo Competition 2013 No 2 : Entry Number 99

Judges Comment

"Into the Abyss...." this idea, but the 2 things that distract me are the lighting is bland, at dusk or dawn with moody light this could work well...and the watermark....its very white on white so doesnt really show anyway, kind of pointless and I really advise people not to watermark images for competitions, I've never ever seen a watermarked image win a comp....that alone will knock it down a few spots, great idea though for the actual subject matter.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for your remarks I highly appreciate as they help me to improve. The image has been taken in Australia, Gold Coast, and is one of the first surf moments I ever watched so closely. Fantastic! My camera is a Canon 60D. No postprocessing. My name is Lisa.