Landscape Photo Competition 2013 No 3 : Entry Number 393

Judges Comment

Here is a stunning image! A dew drop for each blade of grass, a beautifully uneven row of trees to mark the horizon and just enough cloud to mask the rising sun. The tones are perfectly soft, the composition full of feeling, the atmosphere so very real. This is landscape photography at its best, you have created this image with very little, giving the very little a huge presence and impact. Very well done, a perfect "unbeatable" winner!

Photographers Comment

I am very pleased to win and thank you for the accurate judging. I couldn't find better words to describe what I felt when I shot this magic moment. Driving with my bike (as I do every day to get to work) in April at 6:30 a.m. I was impressed by the beauty of that sunrise!

I used a double exposure and added it with masks in Photoshop to reach the perfect result. Somebody couldn't belief there eyes, when I told them the camera I used was the iPhone 4s, 8 Megapixel! Resolution isn't always the most important thing!