Bird Photo Competition 3 2013 : Entry Number 473

Judges Comment

Photos of birds feeding their young are generally popular, but can be a challenge when the baby birds are concealed in cover. This charming, Disneyesque scene of Red-whiskered Bulbul chicks eagerly awaiting a meal couldn't be better posed and arranged. Which one would you feed?

Photographers Comment

This was taken in our farm house. This was taken in Cannon 40D camera and 300mm 2.8 lens. Only contrast increased while doing post processing, other than this this is untouched photo from the nature. I was fortunate to get this snap on the last day of the bird feeding to the babies. After that few minutes drama, i was not able to find anywhere nearby. My name is Arun kumar N.K. from Bangalore, Karnataka - India I am a hobby photographer and my email id is [email protected]