Flower Photo Competition 2 2013 : Entry Number 963

Judges Comment

Very powerful photo. One needs to take time to find words to write about this, since this photos speaks so strongly on its own. The rocks where this glass vase is positioned on, the bubbles building up in the water as it starts reaching its boiling point and a single rose changing from life into death. Intense and dramatic. Also the colors from warm to cold couldn't be more intense. A true WOW image.

Photographers Comment

Thank You so much! I love these competitions and seeing the work of so many talented people! My name is Randy Kroll and I live in Utah. I shot this image with a Canon 20D with a 70-200 lens on a tripod. I shot this photo specifically for this competition but it is symbolic of a relationship gone wrong. The red rose for love, the lone wedding ring, everything in a blaze and bars of captivity in the background.