Bird Photo Competition 3 2013 : Entry Number 65

Judges Comment

This image takes us right into the midst of an intimate family moment as a baby Red-necked Grebe is brought an oversized meal.

Photographers Comment

Diane Higdem Twin Lakes, (North) Idaho Canon50D, 300 f/5.6L w/ 1.4 ext Aperture: 6.3 ISO: 640 Exp: 1/400 My boyfriend & I photograph almost entirely from our kayaks, all year long. These Grebes we nicknamed Ricky & Lucy because of the way they "talk" to each other. Ricky & Lucy had become very tolerant of us coming up close to their nest & following them around, waiting for mama or papa to return with a meal. What is absolutely endearing about this picture, & the series it belongs to; mama & papa are so very gentle and eager to help the babies. Whichever parent brought the fish in would gently position the fish head first into the baby\\\\\\\'s mouth, while the parent on whose back the babies are riding, would gently assist by guiding the fish. Sometimes, a fish was a bit too big for the wee one, so mama ate it and went off looking for another. These three lobe-toed birds are my favorites to watch and photo!