Bird Photo Competition 2 2013 : Entry Number 521

Judges Comment

Anyone can take a photo of a cygnet on its parent's back and most such photos would be pretty cute. In this case, though, by timing the shot with the baby apparently snuggled down asleep in the sun, the photographer has created a heart-warming image with universal appeal. It's all about watching for the opportunity and then making sure you don't miss it!

Photographers Comment

I have been an avid photographer for about 11 years. I have become addicted to the challenge of becoming familiar enough with my subjects that I can overcome the limitations of my budget and equipment in order to capture intimate and hopefully captivating photographs. In the case of this photograph I spent a number of days with this family of Mute Swans, taking time to ensure they became familiar with my presence in order to ensure that the family did not become stressed and leading to a more intimate experience with greater photographic opportunities. My aim was portray a common subject in a new light whilst highlighting the intimacy shared between these beautiful creatures. Capture Details. 11.6.2009 Nikion D80 Nikon 70-300 VR F8 1/1000 ISO 200 @ 300mm Helsinki, Finland. Post processing Selective application of levels. Sharpening. Noise reduction. Cropped to improve framing. Thanks to Mr Atkinson, the I-shot-it team and Leica. Peter Byrne.[email protected]/