Bird Photo Competition 2 2013 : Entry Number 418

Judges Comment

These puffed-up chicks huddled together are incredibly cute and make you want to know more about their story.

Photographers Comment

I am a very amateur photographer. Just began about 7 years ago when my husband bought me a Nikon D-40x for Christmas. Fell in love with it. This photo was taken in a small aviary in Salt Lake City. I now shoot with a Nikon D7000 and the lens I used for that shot was a Nikor 70-300mm. I love your site and I'm tickled and flattered that you liked my photo. My name is Leona Veltkamp. I'm 62 years old, and I live in Bozeman, MT. I love taking pictures.. I've noticed how much more I stay in the present moment and notice my surroundings more when I have my camera with me. For me, that's a huge gift. Thanks again