Cat Photo Competition 2 2013 : Entry Number 70

Judges Comment

there is something very strange and wonderful about this image. it's the little kitten outside of the field of focus and just beyond the shadows that keeps the viewer coming back and gives this image the story-telling quality that it possesses. very nicely captured and managed in conversion. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

A definitely unique and fleeting moment! Micino and Micina, brother and sister, to the left and to the right respectively, waiting for the first warm light in a late winter sunrise. What impresses me, as their owner, is the way their symmetrical position reflects their character: bold and assertive the male, standing on the porch; shy and reluctant the female, retreated to the garage. A job for my Nikkor 70-200/2.8, stopped down to f9 to keep a decent DoF while maintaining a selective focus effect. -Roberto D'Antoni