Bird Photo Competition 6 2012 : Entry Number 322

Judges Comment

Many bird photo competitions will only ever be won by photographers who can afford to buy professional gear and travel the world. We're keen to include images that have been created by people spotting great opportunities in ordinary situations, whether it's backyard birds, zoo portraits or the local waterbirds. This line of Mute Swans serenely floating across the calm blue water in soft, low sunlight makes a superb composition. Gaze at this elegant, aesthetic image for a couple of minutes and feel the day's stresses just melt away.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much! I hardly can believe, that my swan lake made it into the hall of fame at once, for it's my first attempt here! One of the first photos I took with a Canon G11 I bought for everyday use. Almost out of cam, I only removed some noise, dirt in the water and optimized contrast. It was a wonderful cold and sunny winter day at a small lake in Austria, simply the perfect moment under perfect circumstances. Thank you all for voting this image as a favorite! Christian Bernfeld