Flower Photo Competition 4 2012 : Entry Number 31

Judges Comment

Bright and bold colors with a tight crop make this an excellent photo. This is one of the most spectacular images, which has been submitted to this flower competition. A warm appearing orange, in contrast to translucent air bubbles all over the flower, and this set against a purple background. Congratulations - it works!

Photographers Comment

Hi my name is Jeff Sutain, and I am a Amatuer Photographer from Staten Island, NY And I wanna thank the Judge for picking my photo, Wow this is awesome that a judge would pick my Photo as a runner up in this Competition This photo was shot with this flower in a tank of water where bubbles were creatived and a dark backround was used, the camera that I used was my Canon Eos dig Rebel XTi with a 50mm lens and a extension tube in a Macro setting