Bird Photo Competition 5 2012 : Entry Number 219

Judges Comment

With a little thought, great bird photos can be taken anywhere. One of the best tips is to shoot from the bird's eye level, as illustrated by our winning photo, in which the low shooting angle transports the viewer right into the duckling's world. Shallow depth-of-field draws the attention to the duckling itself, but the mirrored shape of its mother wrapped around it in the background conveys the theme of 'protectedness' to perfection.

Photographers Comment

Thank you for the Winning Prize. In Southern California, Spring showers lasted almost a week straight. It was the first day after the rain, the Mallard hen took her ducklings out for a walk at the local pond. I layed in the wet mud on my belly with my Nikon D300 and a 500mm lens. The baby duck kept walking closer, with mama cautiously following behind. The extremely shallow depth-of-field was the result of short distance between the ducks and the camera. Andy Nguyen.