Premium Photo Competition 2012 Q3 : Entry Number 182

Judges Comment

The angle, the light and the composition, as well as the tonality of this photograph are balanced and work in harmony. Different textures of skin, fabrics and bricks combined to an interesting combination. This is the winner of the Q3 Premium Competition.

Photographers Comment

That day I was roaming Venice with my Olympus e5 scouting for inspiring spots but city was packed with tourists and the late July noon light was harsh. I was suddenly struck by that old man, taking shelter from daylight, hit by a blade of sunlight, then reflected by the yellow wall into golden tones. I put on the Zuiko 50-200 SWD tele, and sneaked back to take my pic. PP was carried out in LR, just local contrast and HL recovery, as beautiful light was already there. -Roberto D'Antoni